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Wheeler Yuta shares his crazy experience while traveling with Nick Gage

Ring of Honor/All Elite Wrestling

Ring of Honor/All Elite Wrestling

Wheeler Yuta appeared on this week's "AEW Unrestricted" where he talked about how his AEW debut came about, why he joined The Best Friends, traveling with Nick Gage, and when he realized he wanted to become a wrestler.

Wheeler Yuta was asked how his debut for AEW on AEW Dark came about:

"I've been doing my thing on the Indies. I've been doing my thing on New Japan Strong and Ring of Honor at the time," Yuta said.

"I was actually at a Sixers game with Chuck (Taylor). I was there with Chuck and Chuck's girlfriend. Then I got a phone call from Orange Cassidy asking me if I wanted to come down and do Dark. So I guess that they were in the middle of the Arthur Ashe promotional tour so they were there together in New York."

"Somehow, a match came up between me and MJF, and then somehow that turned into showing a match between me and Rocky (Romero) actually from New Japan. That's how it all came about. It was really fast, but it was awesome."

How he became a part of The Best Friends in AEW:

"Those guys obviously have been very instrumental, especially Chuck and Orange, have been very instrumental helping me, training me, and bringing me up in wrestling," he said.

"I think that once we did the stuff on Dark, I think Tony (Khan) kind of saw that it would be a natural fit for me to come in and be there with my real life friends. It was really awesome."

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"But yeah, I had a six man tag match against HFO. I didn't know what was going to happen. They hugged me at the end and just kind of took off from there."

On traveling with Nick Gage on the Independents:

"Nick Cage is incredible. He is one of the most real, genuine human beings I've ever met. There was a point on the Independents where twice a month, we would go to Ohio and then back to Massachusetts and then home. We would do that loop all the time," Wheeler shared.

"The life experience that guy has was so interesting, just to hear different things he's done in his life. But yeah, obviously get into the bank stuff and talk to him about that. But he's just such an incredible person."

"But I do remember the first time I rode with him. I had met him just a few times. He wasn't feeling well so he was kind of quiet throughout the ride. Then we get about 30 minutes away from the building and he wanted to amp himself up, he wanted to get hyped up. He was like, what do you do to get hyped up? I look over and he's watching videos of people confessing to murderers. He’s like, 'Out there. I'm a killer. I'm a killer Yuta.'"

Yuta on when he realized he wanted to be a wrestler:

"When I was like a little kid, my cousins showed me this wrestling video game. I played that video game with them all the time. Then at one point, they told me that real people did this."

"I didn't know that human beings could do this. Then I remember they showed me. They turned on the TV, and there it was. I was like, wow, that's what I want to do."

"So when I was younger, I thought I was going to play in Major League Baseball, and then go be a pro wrestler. That was what I thought I would do, and then I realized how much more I liked wrestling than baseball."

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