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Will Hobbs reveals who backstage in AEW gave him the "Powerhouse" nickname

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

On this week's "Wrestling Perspective Podcast," AEW's Will Hobbs talked about being compared to Butch Reed, how he got the "Powerhouse" nickname, and what wrestlers made an impression on him while growing up.

Will Hobbs has been compared to Butch Reed. Hobbs was asked if he ever got to speak with Reed:

"I was dropping my son off at preschool one morning and we're at a red light. I got this Instagram tag. Butch Reed had an Instagram and he tagged one of my first shirts on it. I geeked out over it so much. Then I sent the message to him. He replied back to the message, we exchanged phone numbers, but we actually never got the chance to speak. We only chatted through Instagram messages.”

“I was told by him that he was a huge fan. That was an honor to me because I had the old WCW Galoob Doom figures, so that meant the world to me. The fact that he said he was a massive fan meant so much to me. I actually found out he passed away when I was in the Dallas airport. His son sent me a heartfelt message. So that's something that I will always hold dear to my heart.”

On how the Powerhouse name came to be:

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"When I first came into AEW, I did the enhancement work. I was Willpower on the independent scene. Tony came up to me and said, 'You're such a powerhouse. We're going to call you Powerhouse Hobbs," Will said.

Hobbs said his whole family were fans of wrestling when he was growing up:

"Wrestling was huge in my house because my grandparents moved from Mississippi to San Francisco and they lived above this little mom and pop grocery store right across the street from the Cow Palace. So they would always go see Ray Stevens, Pat Patterson, Peter Maivia, Pepper Gomez. It was on before I was even thought about. They would take my dad and my aunts and uncles and cousins to the matches. But when we all sat down and watched it together, we all just got sucked into it. It was something we all got hyped up about. We had dinners around Pay-Per-Views. We all ate breakfast together when Superstars came on. So we all watched it together.”

“But for me, I think it might have been the first show I remember going to the Cow Palace. I was really young. It was Bret and Yoko in a cage for the WWF title back then. I knew I wanted to do something then,” he said.

Hobbs said Harlem Heat made the first impression on him as a fan:

"Harlem Heat made an impression on me. I got how they talked. My grandma was notorious for calling me, if I messed up, a sucka. Then there was Bret, Mark Henry, the Nation of Domination, Stone Cold, so there was a whole fleet of guys who made an impression on me.”

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