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On the latest Gentleman Villain podcast, William Regal discussed Jon Moxley and his time in WWE as Dean Ambrose. 

During the podcast, Regal also gave his thoughts on Damien Sandow:

"Damien Sandow was absolutely magic and special with everything he was given. It was like another, if anything, he was like, that's why I liked him so much, he was like me. Is he going to be the top guy like Seth Rollins, and Jon Moxley, and Roman Reigns, maybe not? Is he going to be a perfect player on your show and can do anything and make anything work? Yes."

Regal said he hopes one day Jon Moxley will realize how good he was as a sports entertainer in WWE:

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"I wasn't on the main roster in the last whatever amount of years he was there, but he's got an incredible ability to do entertaining stuff, and I hope one day, instead of looking at it as a bad thing, he realizes how good that is, because he did that. If you look at that, that's sports entertainment at its best. I know he's somewhat anti-WWE at the moment and he has been for a while, but he was so good at that stuff. He wants to be a, whatever style of wrestler he is. I've personally found when I do autograph signings, the things that people remember me for, and not all the wrestling I've done, it's the entertainment I've done. So I hope he one day realizes how good he is at that and opens up a little bit more to that and realizes what incredible things that he did in WWE." 

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