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William Regal on joining AEW: "I got a call from Daniel Bryan. Bryan Danielson. The reason I can say that is because I came up with Daniel Bryan. It was my idea."

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

William Regal appeared on this week's "AEW Unrestricted" podcast where he discussed what brought him to AEW, what other wrestlers he may see in the Blackpool Combat Club, and what some of his favorite wrestling angles he's been involved in.

William Regal was asked how he was approached to come to AEW:

"I was no longer needed in my former line of work. I've done nothing but do this for a living since I was 16, full time, apart from a couple of years off with different things that go on health wise and a few injuries. It’s been nothing but wrestling," Regal said.

"So, I was just, 'That's it. I've had a great run. I'm going to maybe take at least a year off except for what I was thinking about this time, I'll start looking for something in the U.K. so I can go and see my family and go home for a bit. Then I got a call from Daniel Bryan. Bryan Danielson. The reason I can say that is because I came up with Daniel Bryan. It was my idea."

"It sounded very exciting just to go back and be talent, basically. As soon as I walked in the door, everybody seemed to be asking me to do other things. The last 10 years, I've just been doing everything. It's been nice to just go out and be me. I'm going to do things anyway. You know, I ended up with the job I had before because I would always be at the ring showing people stuff, and I got to know a lot of people over the years, because people did that for me in Britain."

Regal was asked if he sees other wrestlers that can be a part of the Blackpool Combat Club:

"I like to see young talent who have the work ethic. It's not about me mentoring people or me training people. With Bryan Danielson, people shouldn't be saying, 'Oh, I did this for him.' He did that for me. It's completely the opposite way around. I was fortunate that he came into my life, not the other way around," Regal said.

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"He came into my life when we used to train together, because we had to train as part of what we were doing at the time. When I went off on my own, he was the one that was there, not the only one, but he was the one more so than anybody. There's just a couple of people. We used to stay there for hours and hours and hours. That's when you really start learning."

"So if I see people that really want to do this, if you want to do this on the level that he does it or that I used to try to do it, doesn't matter what I was going through, this isn't a job, or this isn't a playout thing. This is a lifestyle and you've got to dedicate yourself to it. Unfortunately, a lot of things suffer because of that. So if there's people around that I think have got that in them, and now it's not so much me."

"It's just because I've been fortunate enough to be a part of this group. It is whether Bryan thinks that and it's whether Jon thinks that because we all have pretty much the same mindset. If the right people come along, then yes, absolutely. If they're willing to take whatever hard work they put in before, now they have to put in a lot more and a lot more suffering to get on the other side of that to be a lot better professional wrestler.”

Regal was asked what his favorite angles he was a part of in wrestling:

"I've been fortunate enough that my previous employers put me in some incredible angles if you go back and watch them as actual stories. It's a mixed bag of emotions for me."

"The King of the Ring thing that I did got cut short. I won't go into that because that's another story. When I was in WWE, I had nothing but a great time. Other people have different stories. I had an incredible run."

"I was always putting in some really great things. The Eugene story, if you actually watch that week by week and the actual things that we did, it was an incredible story. If you just watch bits of it, it doesn't quite have the same effect as if you actually watch the storyline play out. It was done incredibly well. We got to show our acting chops.”

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