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William Regal on the Blackpool Combat Club: "It's absolutely the time of my life"

On this week's "Barstool Rasslin'" William Regal talked about why the Blackpool Combat Club works so well.

"Thankfully, I got asked to be a part of it. It works on many levels because it's not an act," Regal said.

"Most things that really work well in wrestling in this strange world we're in, it's not an act. You have to believe in it. We really do think that we're all better wrestlers than everybody. We really do believe in taking young talent and like no different than when I spotted Brian."

"People go, 'Oh, well you helped Brian.' No, Brian helped me more than I ever helped him because he came to me as a young person who wanted to do this. So Wheeler is getting that treatment from the three of us now."

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"Same with John. When I first met John, I liked him because there's a mystique to him, and I like the way he does his things and how he talks. This is all as real as it gets. I'm getting to talk about how great it is. It's absolutely the time of my life just going out and not thinking about what I'm going to say because it just tells its own story. Then I get to add my little bits of whimsical things to it."

You can view William Regal's entire interview with Barstool Rasslin' below.

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