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On the latest "Gentleman Villain" podcast, AEW's William Regal gave his viewpoint when wrestlers think they’re over because they’re getting responses on Twitter:

“I asked somebody recently, I said, ‘You’re on AEW Dark a lot. Let me try and put this into perspective for you. It’s great that you’re on there because you’re getting reps. Any exposure is great. It’s an opportunity, but don’t buy into Twitter. Worry about the producers or the people that are paying you, or the older wrestlers, or your peers. Find out from them. Don't worry about what people on Twitter are saying."

Regal continued, "I said, ‘Can you look up what the figures are for Dark?’ He said, ‘200,000. I said, ‘Do you get 200,000 tweets?’ He said, ‘About 20.’ I said, ‘Do I need to say more?’ If you’re in this job, you need to worry about getting over yourself and listening to people that can help you. I’m one of the people that will actually help you. Worry about getting the right things over and not somebody you never met.”

Also on this show, Regal talked about the formation of the Blue Bloods with tag team partner Bobby Eaton. Regal talked about the initial version with a young Triple H (Jean-Paul Levesque, at the time) and other stories about the formation of the team.

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