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WWE creative is working on things for Cody Rhodes

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE creative is working on stuff for Cody Rhodes so unless things fall apart, it looks like he will be debuting soon.

Meltzer said last night on the F4W forum that as of two days ago, Vince McMahon did not think that talks with Rhodes has "fizzled out" and things are still on track.

There are signs that Rhodes may not have signed his deal yet because both Cody and Brandi promoted the upcoming AEW Dynamite/Rampage taping happening this June in Detroit. Brandi and Rafael Morfi played a part in getting AEW to Detroit so there was a specific reason why they promoted the show but if they were signed with WWE they would not have mentioned it at all.

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Cody has stayed quiet about his exit from AEW and Meltzer stated that he and Tony Khan agreed that they would not talk about the situation in detail. Khan has made a point during his interviews not to say anything in detail and he praised what Cody and Brandi did for AEW. Cody and Brandi have not done any interviews since leaving AEW.