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WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross suffers a black eye after falling

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Best wishes to WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross, who noted on Twitter that he suffered a black eye after falling while on his way to Charlotte, NC for the Battle of the Belts special.

Ross tweeted, "Fell Saturday on way to Charlotte. Black Eye..soreness Feeling rough. Cancer update Tuesday. Whew!"

Ross has had similar incidents in the past. In 2014 he said the following:

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"I was treated for stroke-like symptoms for two days in the hospital in their stroke care unit. I don’t remember Tuesday morning whatsoever including driving myself to the OKC airport, my wife as in Vegas already as I had to stay behind and record a podcast, nor do I recall boarding the plane in OKC for Vegas. I presented Terry Taylor with a much deserved Iron Mike award at the CAC and have no memory of what I said. That’s scary. About a month ago I took a fall in our home that had me hitting my head on our wood floor but I no sold it and never mentioned it to my wife. I assumed that the loss of memory and lost days were a result of that. After enduring multiple MRI’s and numerous tests on my brain and heart it was determined that my prolonged use of Ambien as a sleep aid to combat my insomnia was the primary culprit of my issues. Ambien is a ‘temporary’ solution to insomnia but I have been taking it for years. Not good. The side affects of Ambien are scary, read about them, of which now I know. If you are taking it, I strongly suggest that you consult your physician. My meds have now been all adjusted and I am back on a healthy path of diet and exercise and, obviously, NO Ambien. The hallucinogenic issues with the drug are scary and I will never use that medication again."

In 2018, Ross said he took a "bad bump" and his face hit the concrete. The fall resulted in bruises on his face, including a black eye.

Best wishes to JR on a speedy recovery. He also noted on Twitter that he will provide a cancer recovery update on Tuesday.