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CM Punk has not spoken publicly about what went down after AEW All Out but recent reports have painted a picture told from Punk's side. Right now the chances of seeing him in an AEW ring seem unlikely.

However, time heals all wounds and with Punk injured, there's always the possibility of reconciliation and if that happens, then perhaps we can see both sides work together again even if Punk doesn't interact with The Elite. There has been talk of legal action from one party but as of now, there has been no word of litigation from AEW or from Punk's side. 

Fightful Select reported, via a WWE source, that there could be some interest in Punk, and representatives from other companies have said that they would be interested in having a conversation with him but they are not sure how motivated he is to wrestle again.

Fightful reported today that a source close to Punk would not rule out the possibility of him wrestling again and they claimed that he "got the wrestling bug again." However, it was also said that because of his injury that he is a long way from stepping into a wrestling ring again and he could feel differently by the time he is able to wrestle again. The source added that there are options available if and when Punk wants to wrestle again. There is no word coming directly from Punk on this story.

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The bottom line here is that it is not a foregone conclusion that Punk is done in pro wrestling.