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Young Bucks comment on criticism about too many factions in AEW

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

The Young Bucks have recently made the switch to being heels after only being babyfaces throughout their run in AEW up to this point.

The AEW Tag Team Champions defended All Elite Wrestling having so many factions on the roster in an interview with Scott Fishman of TV Insider. AEW has the likes of The Inner Circle, Dark Order, The Pinnacle, and others.

Nick Jackson stated that NJPW has been booking factions for more than 40 years, and they’re still around.

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“I see the argument, but I think North American fans have never seen this many at one time. They are used to one, two, or three stables in a company. It’s easier to book angles. It’s easy to get more people involved with different groups. If you’re not aligned in a stable, you’re alone, and that’s hard to book sometimes. That’s why we have a lot of factions. It has clearly worked.”

Matt Jackson chimed in by noting that fans are fickle and only with you when you’re underground. However, when you go mainstream, they start to turn on you. He said their true fans will always be with them, but there are some who will come and go.

He also addressed how toxic the internet is now as that’s the reason they deleted their Twitter account a year ago.

The Young Bucks also talked about their heel turn and more. Check out the full interview here.