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Young Bucks react to fans saying they can’t wrestle

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

The Young Bucks continue to write various things on their Twitter bio and over the weekend, they did so again with an interesting message where they addressed fans criticizing their abilities.

They wrote, “For guys who supposedly don’t kno how to wrestle, we sure have a lot of “Matches of the Year”… EVERY year. Just put it in the trophy room next to the others.”

Nick and Matt Jackson once again changed their bio to take credit for wrestlers signing with AEW after they took a chance on the promotion succeeding before All Elite Wrestling even before it had a television deal confirmed.

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“If we didn’t sign our AEW contracts 3 years ago to the day, how many wrestlers would be getting paid & featured every week on TV currently? Lol. You’re welcome.”

It was revealed in November that the brothers signed contract extensions that will keep them with AEW through 2024.

bucks bio 1
bucks bio