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Jim Cornette says Shawn Michaels was careless in the ring

Shawn Michaels is widely known as one of the greatest workers in pro wrestling history. If you don’t regard him as the best he certainly has to be up there on anyone’s top ten list. But during his heyday the fact is Shawn Michaels rubbed some people the wrong way.

Jim Cornette recently spoke about some of his memories concerning HBK on a recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru. He gave some examples of the fact that even though Michaels was one of the greatest, he still had the tendency of being a little careless in the ring at times.

“I will say once again that [Shawn Michaels] was the best worker in the business, and he was” Jim Cornette said. “But this one time in g-ddamn, right after the Royal Rumble, we’re in California and he’s supposed to invade the interview and grab me and throw me over the top rope, right? Well, I’m not a g-ddamn aerial artist. But I’ve gone over the top rope before — of course those are those g-ddamn sh-tty ropes instead of cables that [WWE] had in their f-cking ring then… I guess they still do. And those things are a pain in the ass so I knew something was gonna f-cking happen.”

“But as soon as he grabs me I’m gonna go over the top rope. But he jerks me and pulls me so hard that I get f-cking flummoxed, I can’t f-cking get over the top — he throws me right into the top rope! So I f-cking bounce off and roll out and it looks like sh-t. So the following night they wanna recreate the thing and do the same thing, I said ‘alright I’m gonna get it this time.’ And he grabs me and he eases up a little bit so I can take my own bump, but then because it’s those g-ddamn ropes, I go over the top rope and it’s so f-cking flimsy it doesn’t have the support of the cables that I cartwheel over it, land with the side of my knee on the f-cking ring apron, knee goes out — f-cking tear some cartilage, I have to limp around for two f-cking weeks.”

“Most of the interaction I’ve had — like in SummerSlam in that finish where he’s slinging that [tennis] racquet at me and Vader. He somehow managed — I saw the way he was swinging it at Vader and I went and took one [shot] covered up, you can see me and I f-cking bumped all the way across the ring with that one shot. He’s just swinging it around, the frame hitting everybody in the f-cking head and he potatoed more people with the raquet in one match than I ever had in my career.”

“He’s supposed to be the greatest worker of all time, he was just willy-nilly on what he wanted to f-cking do and how much he wanted to take care of ya.”

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru with a H/T to for the transcription


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