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Roman’s Reign


Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has spent the last couple months sending cryptic messages to the Undertaker, and claiming that he will become the new “Face of Fear” in the WWE. If Bray Wyatt does actually face off against the Undertake at WrestleMania, this could be the most important match in his young career. If he is able to pick up a victory against the legendary Undertaker, this could skyrocket the stock of Wyatt straight to the top of the charts. Roman Reigns is currently seen as a face in the company, and Wyatt could be the perfect young heel for Reigns to feud with after WrestleMania. Wyatt could play his mind games and haunt Reigns at every turn. Roman Reigns would also look extremely strong having defeated the last two superstars to claim victories over the Undertaker. Reigns and Wyatt have had good matches in the past while they were part of factions, and this should remain true as they battle one-on-one. The WWE Universe seems to really tired of Bray Wyatt, and Reigns could gain some much needed cheers for silencing the Eater of Worlds for good.

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