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Surviving November 2017, a snapshot in time and how to remember its importance



The annals of pro wrestling contain some of the best storytelling of modern man. It is safe to say this because pro wrestling is able to observe culture as a whole and cherry pick those ideas that they find most appealing to highlight. It is always a live-action theatre in the round atmosphere where physicality is coupled with the ability to put your body on the line and often times in another person's hands to tell a compelling story in the ring.

People could adore the angles in pro wrestling enough to tell future generations so children in 100 years might know who Ric Flair, The Rock, John Cena, and Triple H were and what they were able to do to tell the great stories of the past.

The Reason Behind It

This is the reason why I decided to compile my work as a pro wrestling journalist to tell the stories as they happen today. The programs leading into WrestleMania 34 might not be awe-inspiring at the moment, but they are an important piece of the pro wrestling puzzle to tell a much greater story in the end. This is one of the chief reasons why outright erasing entire moments in time or figures from the past is especially sad.

At the present time, there are a few big long-term programs going on and one of them involves Roman Reigns in his quest to become WWE's top babyface. There was resentment at first, which was both highly entertaining and worrisome to watch, but it looks like Vince McMahon's vision for The Big Dog might finally be taking shape.

It's also very important to remember how they book these programs and while there could be some last minute switch-ups for the most part they have a direction of where to go. But a wise man once said it's not about the destination, it is the journey to get there that makes it worth the while.

Deciding On An Approach

I decided just after Wrestlemania 33 that I was going to start taking all of my writings concerning a certain moment in time and publish them in one orderly book. While some storylines overlap, I did the best I could. When my first book, The Road To The Show Of Shows 2017: How WWE Put Together The Biggest WrestleMania Of All Time was released, I got excited because I realized what I had just done because I wasn't going to stop.

My second book was a monster because it captured such a large chunk of time. But I felt it best to tell the story leading into SummerSlam starting at Money In The Bank. After all, Baron Corbin's briefcase was a big story point for a while until John Cena cost Corbin his shot right before SummerSlam erasing any question of whether The Lone Wolf was going to cash in. I released Planning The Biggest Party Of The Summer 2017: How WWE Pulled Off SummerSlam In Spite Of Injuries, Controversy, And Backstage Heat shortly after SummerSlam and continued to document and report everything else in the pro wrestling world.

Doing These Stories Justice

I've decided to release three books a year unless I find some special reason to do more as long as I'm in this wonderful business of reporting pro wrestling news. Those three books will focus on WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series which seems to be the most appropriate seeing how The Royal Rumble is included in WrestleMania's buildup and the same is true for Money In The Bank and SummerSlam.

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I try my best to be as light-hearted and informative as possible in my storytelling. These men and women giving their bodies in the ring for the fan's enjoyment should be seen as not only people deserving of extreme respect but also incredible athletes capable of invoking an emotional response. Because after all, as Andy Kaufman once said, "there's no drama like wrestling."

The Stories Never Stop...

Most of the buildup is documented through Raw and SmackDown Live highlights and other news reports so the backstage stories can frame the events taking place on screen. But as the stories of pro wrestling continue to evolve and find their way into new frontiers, who knows what platform future stories might be played out on?

Each book will have special focus chapters on particular stories going on during that time to give more in-depth coverage, for instance, Planning The Biggest Party Of The Summer 2017 included a special focus on Baron Corbin's run as Mr. Money In The Bank. My latest book, Surviving November 2017: How WWE Set Up Survivor Series 2017 With All The Releases, Illness, Injury, And Plenty Of The Shield includes special sections for The Shield and The Miz.

But no matter if I've just released a book or am working on the next, there's no stopping or slowing down in the world of pro wrestling. After all, there is no off-season as the efforts to document the great stories of pro wrestling never ends.

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