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Top 10 Best Money in the Bank Cash-ins

With the excitement of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view still lingering in the air, Smackdown Live was especially exciting. Daniel Bryan returned from his paternity leave, Carmella must earn her briefcase in another ladder match, Kevin Owens issued an open challenge for his United States Championship, Orton is seeking revenge on Jinder Mahal, the list goes on and on. We are all eager to see where and when Baron Corbin will cash in and to see what next Tuesday’s ladder match will bring. While we wait to find out, below is out top 10 best Money in the Bank briefcase cash-ins.

10. Edge, Smackdown 2007

The Undertaker had just been taken through Hell, literally. after a steel-cage match with Batista and a beat down later in the night from Mark Henry, The Rated-R Superstar saw the perfect chance to cash in. It was very unexpected because, at the time, Edge was drafted to Raw and Taker to Smackdown. Nevertheless, Edge proved that no brand split would stop him from proving his superiority to The Deadman.

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