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Top 6 things Carmella could do with her Money in the Bank briefcase

At the Money in the Bank PPV a few Sundays back during the women’s briefcase ladder match, all eyes were on James Ellsworth?  That’s right, it wasn’t actually a woman who won the women’s match, it was James Ellsworth.  That didn’t sit right with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon.  They decided on SmackDown Lives next episode, they would have another ladder match, but James Ellsworth would be banned from ringside.  That didn’t stop him from coming out last night and almost capturing the briefcase again before he met his match with Becky Lynch.  Carmella would fight off Lynch and capture her second briefcase opportunity.

There are many things Carmella could do with the briefcase.  I have narrowed it down to 6.  Some are completely crazy and I’m sure WWE wouldn’t do in a million years.  Or, they could be just crazy enough.  Here are my top 6 things Carmella could do with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

  1. Could she cash in on Naomi! Before she had to re-defend her briefcase, she teased two cash-ins on the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, Naomi?  Carmella was not afraid to let her competition know who was in charge then, and I’m sure she is not now.
  2. Could she cash in at Wrestlemania 34 to whoever the Smackdown Women’s champion may be?
  3. Could she cash in at Wrestlemania 34 to the Raw Women’s Champion?
  4. Could she just cash in on Raw at any time just to switch things up? Maybe Little Miss Bliss has a few more things to fear than just her fellow Raw competition?
  5. Could she attempt to cash in on Smackdown or Raw and lose it? Would the WWE let her be the first Miss Money in the Bank (twice) just to fail at an opportunity?
  6. This one may be a little crazy, but something that could just be crazy enough to happen. Could she get too comfortable with the briefcase and go for a Belt vs. Briefcase match and win? Then she would have the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship and the briefcase.  She could then go to Raw and cash in the briefcase and win.  That would make her The Undisputed Women’s Champion of the WWE.  This exact scenario has not been done before in the WWE to my knowledge but we have seen superstars cash in on a different brand.  We saw Edge cash in on The Undertaker on Smackdown 2007.  They were on separate brands but that did not stop Edge from cashing in?

What do you think Carmella has up her sleeve?

Her real-life boyfriend, Big Cass, did just split with long-time tag-team partner Enzo Amore.  Maybe he is looking for a new manager?

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