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Top 7 Worst WWE Breakups

Love is in the air during Smackdown Live with the re-debut of Maria Kanellis and real-life husband Mike.  They came out during the Money in the Bank PPV a couple Sundays ago letting us know just how much love they had, for each other.  While their love still sits in the back of our heads, here are our top 7 worst WWE breakups.

7. CM Punk and Beth Phoenix

Both Phoenix and CM Punk have both had great successes in the WWE.  Punk married fellow superstar AJ Lee, and Phoenix married fellow Superstar Edge.  Both got their happily ever after.  But shortly after the breakup, it wasn’t always perfect.  They must have had a nasty breakup because Punk came out and said that it didn’t even matter who Phoenix had as a boyfriend, just if she had one.  Ouch.

6. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra

Stone Cold was a name with a huge impact on the Attitude Era of the WWE.  After his divorce to wife Debra, she aired out all their dirty laundry.  Eventually, she came out and talked about the domestic abuse she allegedly endured while they were together.  She went as far to blame it on “Roid Rage”.  He has since been remarried.

5. X-Pac and Chyna

Both X-Pac and Chyna also had a huge impact on the Attitude Era, both as members of D-Generation X.  After he left WWE he began seeing fellow DX member Triple H’s ex-girlfriend, Chyna.  Chyna began to speak out after their break up about the abuse she supposedly endured, also throwing X-Pac under the bus.  Naturally, X-Pac wanted to defend himself.  There is also a lot of drama and controversy surrounding the adult film they released together.

4.  Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth

One of the best heartfelt stories in the WWE during the 80’s was these two lovebirds.  At his best heel, he mistreated Elizabeth, all for the storyline of course.  But at his best babyface, they were the power couple.  They later went on to have their own success in WCW.  Unfortunately, they were both very jealous of each other’s success.  Elizabeth eventually went on to start a relationship with wrestling legend, Lex Lugar before her death in 2003.

3. CM Punk and Maria Kanellis

As we all know, Maria Kanellis made her re-debut at Money in the Bank with her real-life husband Mike Bennett.  Before her and Mike, Maria was head over heels for CM Punk.  We don’t have too much info on the pair, but she has gone on record saying that CM Punk broke her heart and that they were soulmates but he did not feel the same about her.

2. Triple H and Chyna

The Game, Triple H, is clearly married to the billion-dollar princess, Stephanie McMahon.  That power couple hasn’t always been together.  Before HHH made his relationship with Stephanie public, he was with fellow DX member, Chyna.  Eventually, as WWE has done to many couples before, separated HHH and Chyna.  HHH was paired with Stephanie and Chyna was not.  It was later revealed that HHH had allegedly cheated on Chyna with Steph after finding love letters from her.  It was a messy breakup that caused a big falling out between Chyna and the WWE.  Unfortunately, Chyna passed away in 2016 before her and the WWE could make peace.

1. Matt Hardy and Lita

Matt Hardy and Amy Dumas “Lita” made headlines in 2005 after Lita cheated on Hardy with fellow WWE Superstar, Edge.  With Edge and Lita being a real-life couple on and off screen that made WWE battlegrounds for Edge and Hardy.  The WWE used this to their advantage with on-screen story lines involving the trio, including a title belt and a “live sex celebration”.  Matt was not afraid to make this all very public.  This will go down in history as one of WWE’s worst real-life breakups.





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