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WWE Immortals: Who’s Next

“WWE Immortals” available now
WWE Immortals is the latest release in the WWE mobile series of games. The game was released in January 2015, and has become a huge success for WWE. Developed by NetherRealm Studios; the creators of the Mortal Kombat series, WWE Immortals is a supernatural fighting game, where the WWE Superstar have been transformed into larger than life versions of themselves. The characters come in three levels; bronze, silver, and gold. Gold is the strongest level of cards currently available, but with each repeat card earned, players can combine cards to increase their strength.

The player is equipped with a team of three superstars, and battle in a ladder style challenge, where they face multiple teams of enemies to complete a section. An online mode is available, which players choose to fight between one, three, or five matches in a row. Daily challenges are available for the online mode, along with tournaments for players to earn more valuable prizes. NetherRealm has also added a Challenge Mode, where player must earn battle coins from standard fights, then use them to clear a series of matches. There are five sections per challenge, with 12 matches in the first four sections, and 15 in the final section. Each section has a stipulation; such as Roman Reigns must be on your team. The first challenge released gave players a chance to earn a Cyborg Brock Lesnar. Recently, a new challenge started where players could earn an Evolved Daniel Bryan. This gold level Daniel Bryan has the appearance of a superhero, much like the gold John Cena.

The game was recently updated, which added a new character in The Viper Randy Orton. Orton is available in bronze and gold level cards. Updates should continue to come in as long as the game remains popular with the WWE Universe. Currently, the game includes 15 different superstars, which leaves many options available for a future add-on.

In the comments section below, post your ideas for future characters in the game and the supernatural appearance they would have.

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