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Reason for the awkward finish to the main event at The WRLD on GCW, why the match was so short

Game Changer Wrestling

Game Changer Wrestling

As many of you know if you ordered The WRLD on GCW on Sunday night, the show ended quickly and the finish to the main event seemed to come out of nowhere.

The Briscoes dropped the GCW World Tag Team Titles to Matt Tremont and Nick Gage but it was obvious that there was a botch or they had to go home early because of time constraints.

Jay Briscoe confirmed on Twitter that the pay-per-view time constraints is the reason why the match was so short because they had to go off the air at 11 pm eastern. The time constraints are in place for traditional pay-per-view and not for FITE TV, in case anyone was wondering.

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There was a lot squeezed into the 3 hours, including tons of surprises, so if the last couple of matches felt rushed, there is your reason, in addition to the show needing to be off the air by 11.

Jay Briscoe tweeted after the show, "F**k PPV time restraints."