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The WRLD on GCW results: Allie Katch vs. Ruby Soho

Game Changer Wrestling

Game Changer Wrestling

Ruby Soho took on Allie Katch on Sunday night at The WRLD on GCW on pay-per-view.

They started off going back and forth on offense until Allie drove Soho into the middle turnbuckle with her knees. Allie hit a cannonball into the corner on Soho before trying a pin attempt. Allie hit a release German suplex but Soho blocked a kick to the head and she hit a suplex.

Allie went for a move off the top but Soho caught her with an arm drag and a kick to the head. Soho drove Allie with her head into the canvas. Soho got angry with the referee after the third failed pin attempt. Soho missed a double stomp, Allie hit a kick to the head and a piledriver but Roho kicked out of the pin attempt. Allie tried a superplex off the top but Soho slipped out. Soho pulled Allie off the top rope and nailed her with a kick to the head.

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The fans were not happy that Allie lost. Both women hugged after the match.

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