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The WRLD on GCW results: EFFY vs. Jeff Jarrett

Game Changer Wrestling

Game Changer Wrestling

EFFY took on Jeff Jarrett at The WRLD on GCW on Sunday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

The match started with EFFY pulling a $20 bill out of his tights and telling Jarrett to take it so he can get out of the match. Jarrett declined. They locked up and Jarrett shoved EFFY into the ring corner. Jarrett took issue with EFFY playing mind games.

EFFY took over on offense with shots to the body. EFFY grinded his hips on the top of Jarrett's neck before putting him in a variation of the tarantula on the ropes. Jarrett tossed EFFY out of the ring and then whipped him with a belt. Jarrett threw him into a ring attendant at ringside and he continued with the belt shots to the back. Back in the ring, Jarrett continued the attack with the belt.

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Jarrett tied EFFY's hands to the turnbuckle so he could beat him with a chair but EFFY freed himself before Jarrett could connect with the chair. EFFY hit a flurry of offense and he whipped Jarrett with the belt. EFFY tried a blockbuster off the top but Jarrett moved. EFFY hit a low blow and then used the fishnets around Jarrett's face. EFFY then went to use the guitar but Jarrett fought back, hit the guitar shot and the stroke finisher. Jarrett pinned him to win the match. EFFY's nose was busted.

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