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The WRLD on GCW results: Joey Janela vs. Matt Cardona, fans riot, Sean Waltman, Vince surprise and lots more surprises

Game Changer Wrestling

Game Changer Wrestling

Matt Cardona took on Joey Janela at The WRLD on GCW on Sunday night. The backstory of the match was Janela posting pictures supposedly of himself with Chelsea Green, similar to how Ric Flair posted doctored photos of himself with Elizabeth in 1992.

Cardona made his entrance to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. There was tons of heat for Cardona and Green. Cardona referred to the "GCW Universe" and said his mom and dad were there so he cant be booed. He called the fans, the wrestlers in the back and Brett Lauderdale ungrateful because he and Green are the reason why the Hammerstein Ballroom is sold out. Cardona promised to end Janela's career before Tony Khan can fire him.

Carona started the match with a Rough Rider into a pin attempt. He followed up with punches to the head. Janela recovered and did a Death Valley Driver on Cardona through a door in the corner of the ring. Later in the match, Green hit Cardona with a low blow but it was a swerve because Cardona was wearing a cup and it was just to lure Janela so she can trip him up on the top rope. Cardona then kicked a chair in Janela's face in the corner. Janela recovered and hit a superplex off the top rope. Janela followed up with an offensive flurry.

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Janela was about to use Cardona's title but Smart Mark Sterling walked out and said that he would be disqualified if he used the belt. Sterling then introduced "Vince" with a Vince McMahon mask. The "Vince" was revealed to be Virgil to cause a distraction to allow Cardona to recover. Cardona tried to use the belt but he accidentally hit Sterling. Cardona's nose was busted open. Janela hit Cardona with a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron. Hornswoggle came out from under the ring and he shoved Janela into the ring post. Sam Stackhouse appeared and he squashed Swoggle in the corner of the ring. Stackhouse followed up with a moonsault attempt off the top rope but he missed. Marko Stunt appeared and he tossed a chair t Swoggle's head but Cardona took him out with an inverted DDT.

Stunt set up Swoggle on a door bridge. Stunt hit a double stomp on Swoggle through a door. Green hit Marko with the Internet Title and she hit a Destroyer. Janela went to attack Green but Cardona hit him in the back with a chair. Cardona hit a Death Valley Driver through a chair, Janela kicked out of a pin attempt. Cardona brought more doors into the match but Janela recovered in time to hit Cardona with a chair to the abck. Green hit Janela with cane shots to the body. Janela fought back by hitting Green with a piledriver. Someone in riot gear speared Janela through a door in the corner. The mystery man was Brian Myers. Cardona hit the Rough Rider through a door on Janela and he pinned him to win the match. Fans threw trash in the ring. Sean Waltman came out to the DX theme and he took out Myers and Cardona.

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