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The WRLD on GCW results: Jon Moxley vs. Homicide, fans chant f**k Bully Ray

Game Changer Wrestling

Game Changer Wrestling

GCW World Champion Jon Moxley put his title on the line on Sunday night against Homicide at The WRLD on GCW on pay-per-view.

Fans chanted "f*ck Bully Ray" at the start of this match. They traded punches and Mox knocked Homicide down with an elbow. Mox also knocked him off the ring apron. The match spilled to the ringside area. Back in the ring, Mox tried to break Homicide's fingers and he hit a piledriver. Moxley hit kicks to the body but Homicide fought back with a pair of exploder suplexes and a dive through the ropes onto Mox at ringside.

Homicide hit a cutter off the middle rope and then a pin attempt. Mox slipped out of the Cop Killa attempt and they traded elbows to the head. Mox hit a German suplex but Homicide no sold it and hit his own German suplex. Mox hit the double arm DDT but Homicide kicked out of the pin attempt. Mox hit elbows to the head and he locked in the bulldog choke but Homicide made it to the bottom rope. Mox hit the double arm DDT onto two chairs but Homicide was able to get his shoulder up during the pin attempt. Mox hit a clothesline and another DDT through the chair and this was enough for him to win the match.

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