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A scary note about the TNA rating; note on Eric Bischoff

Dave Meltzer discussed the Impact ratings pattern on Wrestling Observer radio and noted that the recent show started with a 1.02 rating and dropped all the way down to a 0.69 for the last segment. That’s a scary drop. That’s a 33% drop from start to finish. There have always been shows that drop from the beginning to end of the show but never that big of a drop and WWE has never had a drop like that.

When you’re in charge of creative you will always make mistakes but when you do something and it’s an absolute failure and you don’t learn from your mistakes that’s not good creative and that’s not someone you want in control of creative. It’s even more telling that Gaburick went to Vince Russo for help.

People in TNA consider Gaburick a major step down from Eric Bischoff. There are people in TNA wondering why they let Bischoff walk from TNA especially since the ratings patterns were much better when he was running creative. One thing people have noticed in recent months, other than all of the firings, is that the crowds are dead for most of the shows and there seems to be a lot less buzz for the company since Gaburick took over.

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