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Ace Austin announces he's signed a multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Ace Austin spoke with Sportskeeda this week where he announced he's signed a multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling, and shared what he writes on his wrist tape before matches.

Ace Austin announced that he has signed a multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling:

"It's the place to be right now," he said.

"I mean, it's the best environment backstage that I personally experienced, and I got some experience in all the locker rooms back in 2018. It's the place that has been my home and it's been such a launching point for me."

"I feel like there's some unfinished business there. It wasn't time to leave there yet after three years. I accomplished a lot, but I didn't accomplish everything that I said I would, and that's very important to me."

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Ace talking about what he writes on his wrist tape going into every match:

"On my left wrist, I write 576 which is a number that has some significance to me. It's almost something of a lucky number you could say."

"It's actually the store number of the Hot Topic that I worked at when I was growing up in Pennsylvania. I got a job there when I was 14. It was my first taste of personal responsibility. The money I made from that helped pay for training. Just sort of like a grassroots thing was the 576. So as I put that on the inside of my left wrist tape, I've only wrestled one match in my whole career without that number, and it's one of the worst matches I've ever had. So now it's almost a necessity."

"On the inside of my right wrist, I write my match number. I keep track of every match I've ever had. I have them all written down in a book. I almost lost that book when my apartment burned down, but I actually was able to recover it. So I still have all my records intact. I'm up to about 750."

You can view the entirety of Sportskeeda's interview with Ace Austin below.

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