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Ace Austin explains why he chose Impact Wrestling over WWE and MLW

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Ace Austin was on Busted Open Radion and he talked about why he chose Impact Wrestling over WWE and MLW:

“2018 was such a good year for me because that’s when I got to do 205 Live. That’s when MLW first booked me and that’s when Impact first used me. So in a span of three months, I worked for the three major television companies at the time. They were all interested. I had interest from all sides, but I had really felt a connection with Impact, a lot having to do with the roster because so many of them were guys I had been working with on the indies and they had been mentoring me.

It was an environment that I thought I would be most comfortable in. Also, just having spent a little bit of time in every environment, I felt the most at home in the Impact locker room. That just seemed like the right way to go, and it seemed like such a good way to build my foundation and learn how to work on television. Going to WWE in 2018 when I was 20 or 21 years old, I was too young. I was way too young. That system wouldn’t have been good for me then, I think. When stuff blew up in 2018, I had a lot of fun doing all of that, but ultimately Impact felt like the right move, and that’s where I landed. I signed at the end of 2018, but I started at the beginning of 2019.”

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Austin covered a lot more topics on his career, his life and beyond during this interview. The interview can be heard on SiriusXM and via your favorite podcast app on the Busted Open Radio feed.

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