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AEW-Impact Wrestling alliance has been in the works for a while

Kenny Omega won the AEW World Heavyweight Title from Jon Moxley in the main event of Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite with the help of his good friend and Impact Wrestling executive, Don Callis.

Following the finish of the match, Callis noted in an interview that Omega would appear on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling in order to explain his actions.

Since the angle, wrestlers from AEW and Impact Wrestling have been throwing out the possibility of various matches that can be done with this partnership.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio the alliance between the two sides has been in the works for quite some time.

“So AEW…the Callis thing has been in the works for a while. I didn’t know this, I presume…Callis came up with the Kenny Omega-Chris Jericho match [at Wrestle Kingdom a few years ago], I presume he came up with this idea and Tony Khan went with it and Omega probably wanted it. It will be some sort of promotional thing and the promotions are going to be working together to a degree, which is obviously very beneficial to Impact.

Meltzer brought up how this will likely lead to matches with AEW and Impact stars working together. He noted that AEW is wanting to work with other promotions such as AAA and NJPW. Meltzer stated that although AEW hasn’t advertised it just yet, Omega will be doing an interview on next week’s Dynamite as well.

“When I saw Don do that thing with Page, it felt to me like Don is going to manage Kenny and that will be the big thing with Kenny being the champion under the [Nick] Bockwinkel and [Bobby] Heenan thing. I cannot tell you that is happening, but Don grew up with Bockwinkel and Heenan and that’s his childhood.”

Meltzer brought up Impact airing an old match featuring The Young Bucks on TV, which they’ll do from time to time. That turned out to be “more than just a coincidence” despite Impact regularly airing old matches.

Meltzer added that the AEW President tweeting about how there would be “a shift in wrestling’s balance of power” was about not only the alliance with Impact, but also Sting’s debut.

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