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AJ Styles says TNA has contacted him to return, says WWE Network is a waste of money

AJ Styles says that TNA has contacted him a couple times to try and get him to come back to the company. AJ said that it’s not going to happen right now and his first priority is New Japan Pro Wrestling. He said that New Japan is home for him. He also said that as long as there are ill feelings toward TNA (from New Japan) then he is not going back to TNA anytime soon.

AJ was asked if there was anyone that he hasn’t crossed paths with that he’d like to wrestle. He said that there are not many around since he’s pretty much wrestled them all. AJ says that he’s a WWE Network subscriber but he doesn’t watch it. He said it’s “wasted money if you want to know the truth.” He said that he has heard a lot of good things about NXT and if they don’t move those guys up to the main roster soon then people are going to flock to the NXT show.

AJ said that his agent Bill Behrens told him that if he would have signed a new TNA deal last year then it would have worked out great for TNA because they didn’t really do many house shows. I believe the contract that AJ offered to sign was for them to pay him for shows he works while letting him work outside of TNA. AJ feels that this is the greatest year he’s ever had.

He talked about his favorite guys in Ring of Honor. He said that a lot of the guys there are still hungry. He said that there are several guys there that he’s had good matches with.

AJ will be wrestling Ricochet this weekend in New York for House of Glory. For more information on tickets you can click here. AJ will also be on the Ring of Honor 13th anniversary show in Las Vegas in March.

There’s much more in his audio interview with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer. If you subscribe to the Wrestling Observer website you can listen to the audio interview by clicking here.

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