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Alberto El Patron on when he’ll start to think about retirement

Impact Wrestling

Alberto El Patron on when he’ll start to think about retirement

Although Alberto El Patron has yet to recapture his Impact Global Championship, if he keeps at it that goal very well might find itself coming to fruition. But even though he might be close to getting his title back, it looks like his ultimate goal is to consider retirement sooner than later.

The former Alberto Del Rio recently spoke to The Orlando Sentinel about when he plans on thinking about retirement.

“Alberto will continue to do this for two years, then start to think about retirement. I’m not tired of the business, or the fans, or the ring — what I don’t like is what goes on behind the curtain. When I went to Impact, I started to feel like I got my passion back. So I’ll wrestle in 2018, then maybe 2019 I’ll start to think about a farewell tour.”

If Alberto Plans on hanging up his boots soon he will have still accomplished a lot in his career as both Alberto Del Rio and El Patron. But he probably doesn’t plan on stepping away from the ring until he can reclaim the Impact Global Championship once more.

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