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Alisha Edwards Says TNA Knockouts Started Women's Revolution, Talks Slammiversary, Full Metal Meyhem Match, more

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Alisha Edwards is a ring veteran from the New England area. Though she's been wrestling for 11 years, Sunday marks her very first live

pay per view debut as she teams with husband EddieEdwards to take on Knockouts veteran Angelina Love and her husband Davey Richards in a Full Metal Mayhem match.

But, before she steps into the 6 sided ring on Sunday, she steps into the Epicenter with us for an exclusive interview!

On her Full Metal Mayhem Match at Slammiversary:
"I mean, it is definitely very special to me because it is my first pay per view ever with Impact and in general, in ever. I definitely have the butterflies and excitement. But, I also have the grudge and the revenge that we want to get on Angelina and Davey. We're just super excited. It is dangerous because anything goes - Tables, ladders, chairs! Anything goes. I mean, I've gone through a table. We've seen them do things that we thought were not possible. We're definitely excited. But, we have to make sure we're on our A game and that's definitely where we are now."

On the feud with Davey Richards and Angelina Love:
"This feud is different because it's personal. We're not trying to win achampionship or trying to prove to the Knockouts that we're the best. At this point, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with them thinking we turned our backs on them when it was definitely the other way around. They definitely made it personal from the very beginning with Angelina punching me in the face, with them putting me through a table, and them actually trying to kill my husband! It's just crazy! At this point, it's real! It's really exciting that we can use anything and everything and that's exactly what is going to happen. We're definitely going to make a statement on Sunday!"

On how she got into wrestling:
"I mean, I wasn't, like, the one that watched wrestling ever since I was little. I was in middle school and actually went to a sleep over at a friend's house. She was one that watched wrestling since she was little. I went over and was like, "What are you doing? What are you watching?" She said, "This is wrestling." I was hooked ever since! We were best friends, we were best friends through high school... She actually wrestled out of New England too. We actually found a local independent company that ran local shows. We attended one of the shows and we kind of got hooked there. It was all over from there."

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On Impact starting the Women's Revolution with the Knockouts:
"I think I'd agree with you. When I feel like it started with women's wrestling being the same as the guys and stuff was with the Knockouts. It was new, it was fresh! You had Nikki Roxx! You had Taylor Wilde there! Awesome Kong! Gail Kim! That was the cream of the crop at the time. I think a lot of people didn't look at women's wrestling like they do now... But I think it's like, Wonder Woman... Women being the same as men. It is an evolution throughout the world, not just in wrestling. I guess it kind of just full circles all around. I would say the Knockouts did start it and then, the WWE definitely has more resourses to promote it more. Over the years, I think it kind of they realized that women can do it as good as and maybe even better than the guys."

On why she didn't start appearing on Impact sooner:
"I mean, me and Eddie met through wrestling and I've been pretty good at working around the New England area. I was never like, "Eddie's my husband. What can I do to be there?" I had to work as hard as anyone else. I think that's what happened. Then, i got invited to his championship match... Angelina got it started with this whole thing. We weren't expecting this. It is kind of a whirlwind. I'm just excited. Not only am I a Knockout now, I also get to work with my husband! His busy schedule over the years has been crazy but now being able to travel with him has been a true blessing."

On why she didn't take the trip to India with Impact:
"They wanted the wives to stay home. It was too personal at the time. With everything happening and me being put through a table, they made the decision that it would be easier for the wives to just stay home and figure out what they wanted to do to end the feud here. I think it was probably best to do that because Sunday is only 2 days away!"

On how she met EddieEdwards:
"I met him at a local show. He was with one of his good friends He was just always trying to get my attention and I never really gave him the time of day. The more shows we did together, the more he tried. I finally gave in! We've been together, I guess, 10 years this year!

On her opinion of WWE's Mae Young Classic Women's Tournament:
"I think it is really awesome. It's kind of like doing the same thing they did with the cruiserweights. Once they did that, I think the independent scene kind of blew up more than ever because a lot of them were doing indies as well as doing that. I'm just excited to watch it as a fan. Everyone in wrestling is excited about just our matches but I get excited about the whole card! I'm excited for the tournament, from the first match to the last match, I'll definitely watch it. I think it is going to definitely open more eyes to it. I'm excited for women's wrestling as a whole."

On working Sasha Banks on the indy scene:
"Sasha Banks, yeah, she was definitely awesome to work with around this area. I saw her first match, like, ever! I just knew she had something special. She sure enough showed the world that she did!"

On the rumors that she was signing with WWE last year:
"I don't know where the rumors came from. I had worked a Chaotic Wrestling event here in New England. William Regal was there doing a seminar and he ahd watched the show the night before. I'm not sure if that had a hand in starting the rumors. But, with Impact, I'm excited I can be with my husband, I get to wrestle, and I'm very family oriented. I get to still spend time my family and friends and be home. I'me xcited to be able to do everything! The schedule with Impact actually works into my favor in that way."

On if she has her sights set on the winner of the Slammiversary Rosemary versus Sienna Knockouts Match:
"Of course! When I signed my contract, it wasn't just to get my hands on Angelina. It was to be a Knockout! In order for me to be the best, I have to beat the best! Them two going at it means they're the top of Impact right now. If that's the case, I'm definitely going to be front row and make sure I'm watching every second of it."

On the changes at Impact since Eddie joined in 2014 to now:
I kind of came in when the new ownership did. I did the Knockouts pay per view I think it was the last two times so I kind of saw what it was before. And then now, being a Knockout, look at the buzz on social media! Impact is all over the place now! I think it is just beginning! The new ownership, it seems like they really want to make a difference, make an impact! I think that actually brings the morale of the locker room up. And after all that, it is the fifteenth anniversary of Slammiversary. That's just exciting in and of itself! You have so many people on the show. It s going to be an awesome weekend and I'm just super excited about it!"

On if they will steal the show at Slammiversary:
"Anything is possible! Anything can happen on Sunday! They started it, we're definitely going to end it. Team Edwards all the way!"