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Angelina Love discusses how getting judged by her looks motivated her

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Angelina Love appeared on "Front Row Material" with Jerry Lynn and Mikey Whipwreck this week, where she discussed what people initially thought of her in ring ability and whether it bothers her that people only hire women based on their looks.

Angelina Love said people would initially think she was not good in the ring because of her looks:

Love brought up that initially, people would think that she wasn't good in the ring because of her looks saying, “I took kind of a weird joy, a pleasure, and I understand I’m a very judgeable book by my cover. I get that. I feel like people would look at Velvet (Sky) and I especially and say, ‘Oh, they’re hot. They must suck.’ We get that." She followed up by discussing how it motivated her, saying, "That gave me so much fuel because I know I’m a good worker. I loved people undercutting me maybe initially, and then getting in the ring and like kicking a**. That was always such a thing for me.”

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Love was asked if it bothers her that people think beautiful women only get hired because of their looks:

“That never bothered me to be honest because I grew up watching Pamela Anderson on Baywatch and Sable in WWE.," Love said. "I was obsessed with that big boob, blonde hair, like blonde bombshell thing. I wanted to be that, and I knew that from a very young age. I’ve been in this business for 21 years now. When I was coming up, everything was, you have to have implants, you have to have this certain look, so to me, I think because I always wanted to look that way anyway, it was never an insulting thing.”

She continued: “As far as looks wise, I’ve never had a problem with that because I always liked hair glitter, eight pounds of makeup, butt cheeks hanging out of the skirt, tanner, all of those things. I’ve always had the thought process of we’re characters. We’re performers. We’re in a play. We’re in a show. We’re in a movie. My personal opinion is I don’t think you should look the same on a show as you would when you go grocery shopping at 10pm. I know if I was a guy at a wrestling show, I would want to see attractive females if there’s going to be females on the show. That’s my personal opinion.”

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