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Anthem Sports & Entertainment issues statement following settlement with Billy Corgan

As noted earlier on the site, Billy Corgan announced on Twitter on Friday that he had settled his legal issues with Anthem Sports & Entertainment regarding the $1.8 million he loaned to Dixie Carter to fund Impact Wrestling TV tapings. There were some issues between TNA and Corgan as the company was supposed to repay Corgan on November 1st, but there was a delay on his repayment.

There’s still no word on if Corgan received the 50% transfer fee that would have been due to him if Anthem officially took over majority ownership of TNA. We will find out more on this situation as Corgan mentioned that he would be doing interviews soon.

The Fight Network, which is owned by Anthem, posted this statement on Twitter:

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“Anthem is happy with arrangements made w/ Mr. Corgan, allowing @IMPACTWRESTLING to put this behind them and focus on producing great shows.”