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Aroluxe Media, LLC assumes the name "TNA" in business filings

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

There's an interesting story this week about the TNA name. PWTorch, citing records with the Tennessee business division, is reporting that Aroluxe Marketing has assumed the name "TNA" since May 3rd and the registration is from May 3, 2016 to May 3, 2021. Aroluxe Media, LLC is now conducting business under the names "TNA," Aroluxe Media," and "AMSM Productions."

Aroluxe did not assume ownership for the names "TNA Wrestling" and "TNA Entertainment, LLC.," or "Impact Wrestling."

I looked into the ownership records for "TNA Entertainment, LLC" and "TNA Wrestling" and the principal office is listed in Nashville with a mailing address still listed in Dallas, TX.

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For months, there's been talk about Aroluxe coming in and taking ownership in the company but, as of last word, no deal has been struck so I don't know exactly what the business filings mean. Aroluxe has reportedly helped finance some of their TV tapings this year.