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Aron Rex on Cody Rhodes joining TNA, changes in the company, more

Aron Rex recently appeared on Interactive Wrestling Radio to promote Sunday’s TNA Bound for Glory pay-per-view event. During the interview, Rex was asked about the changes in TNA. Rex believes that TNA is offering their product in a unique way.

“The changes going on here at Impact, it is already being felt. Just look at the stuff Matt Hardy is doing… Just look at how the show is being presented – And look at the talent! There is a lot of talent in this company. And, as the weeks go by, I think it is going to only become more apparent. Bound for Glory, a pay per view that is coming along at the same time as major changes within the company. We’re not necessarily playing by the same rules that the industry has set for so long. We’re just presenting our product in a unique way and we’ve got the best athletes in the world going at it. It is only going to get better. It is only going to stand out more, I assure you.”

Rex believes that there is more freedom in TNA and he has loyalty to the company because of it.

“Without a doubt. The freedom that I’ve gotten here and in return the loyalty that I already have for TNA because they gave me that freedom because I realize how valuable that is, it is a win-win situation for everyone. I think that is only going to continue. Is every relationship perfect? No. but, I’ll tell you what. The general direction that the company wants to go. The performers, the management… There’s a lot of people on the same page and there’s a lot of people working for the greater good.”

Recently, he and Cody Rhodes joined TNA. Rex was asked about Rhodes joining the company.

“It is. I’m not sure it is finding refuge so much as it is being given a platform to show what they can really do. Everybody has their own reasons for changing companies. This is a fresh start. It is a new platform. It is a fresh coat of paint for everybody.”

You can listen to the entire interview here:


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