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Backstage incident at recent Impact Wrestling tapings (updated)

UPDATE: In a follow-up to the story we broke earlier, the issue with Bob Ryder and Jeff Jarrett has blown over and all is well. These types of blow ups have happened before and I am sure they will happen again and when you run several days of tapings, things like this can happen from time to time.

The issue started with Karan Jarrett having an issue with a hotel booking (Ryder handles travel) and that’s when Jeff told Ryder to leave. They argued again by the parking lot (the parking is literally next to the soundstage) but things were eventually smoothed over.

Ryder went on Twitter and dismissed everything as much adieu about nothing.

ORIGINAL: There was, what was described to us as a “blow up” between Jeff Jarrett and Bob Ryder at the recent Impact Wrestling tapings. There was speculation online that there were issues with Alberto El Patron and/or Scott Steiner but that is not the case. In fact, Steiner was on good behavior at the tapings and was very quiet.

Whatever the issues were between Jarrett and Ryder, we were told that they are over and done with. We wanted to address this after a recent tweet from Mark Madden referenced a backstage incident that “could have major repercussions.” If we get more details on what happened then we will pass it along.

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