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Backstage news on TNA talent being mentally checked out; news on low talent pay

With no shows scheduled for the rest of the year, many of the young TNA talent are feeling mentally checked out. Few of the names in TNA are booked for Bound For Glory so essentially most of the roster is not booked on any more shows with the company going forward. At the earliest, TNA won't be running shows until 1/7/15. All of them are trying to get booked on indie dates. There doesn't seem to be ROH interest in any of the TNA talent except for Samoa Joe and Eddie Edwards.

A lot of the TNA talent has contacted Jeff Jarret but so much time has passed and nothing has happened with GFW except for some press releases so most of the talent don't see GFW as anything viable until news of a TV deal and talent signings gets out. The wrestlers under the new contracts are getting maybe $1,000 base pay per month if they are not booked on shows. They can work anywhere else but they cannot appear on pay-per-views or on anyone's TV show. They also cannot make deals with a Japan promotion, ROH, or WWE while under contract.

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