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Billy Corgan addresses the rumors surrounding TNA, the status of Sunday’s Bound For Glory

As many of you know by now, TNA’s fate could be decided this weekend because they need funds to run Sunday night’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view and the next set of Impact Wrestling tapings.

TNA President Billy Corgan was on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio to talk about the state of TNA.

Right off the bat he was asked about the rumors swirling about TNA this week and the potential sale. Corgan said, “there’s been a lot of stuff over the last 6+ months.” He said that the company has had a for sale sign for a long time and he got involved and has taken a bigger role in the last 6 months and it’s difficult because he wants to talk about specifics but there are legal things he can’t talk about. He said, “there are a lot of people at the table and there are a lot of people looking at it.” He said that whatever happens this weekend will change the direction of the company forever. He said that it could mean that the company ends or it could mean that it continues.

Corgan is asking everyone to be very sensitive to the talent that is working in TNA and he doesn’t want to throw gasoline on a fire. He said that he wants to put out that fire.

Corgan said that he has support within the company and that is helping him move forward and there are a lot of things going on that are really complicated. He wants to create a stable work environment. Corgan praised WWE for being the gold standard of the wrestling business but he wants people to step back and think about the human element involved and he wants them to have another place to work (TNA). He said it would be a shame if things (with TNA) were cut short for financial reasons or business reasons.

Corgan was asked about Pop TV’s commitment to TNA. He said that he was just in L.A. and he met with Brad Schwartz (Pop TV President) and he got a vote of support from them and they support Corgan.

Corgan was asked about Bound For Glory’s status for Sunday. Corgan said “the last 3 tapings, I’ve had to step in at the last minute and walk to the ring as the ink is drying” and he remains optimistic that a solution can be reached for BFG. Corgan said, “I will be in Orlando come rain or shine.” He could not speak for everyone else but he plans on being there on Sunday. His exact quote was, “At the end of the day, it is not up to me. But I remain optimistic and I will be in Orlando on Sunday.”

Corgan said that he has an open door policy when it comes to talent and they’ve been reaching out and he’s had great conversations with them. He talked about how much everybody cares about each other and how tight-knit they are. He said that he has yet to see someone go into business for themselves or act selfishly. Corgan said that he can go back to his other job if this doesn’t work out but it’s not exactly the case for others in TNA. He said that he doesn’t believe in smokescreens and he believes in telling them the truth.

Corgan said that travel is booked but the company is in the same situation as before. Basically, they need funding to run the show. He said, “the funding sort of meets the deal making.” Corgan said that it comes down to “what do I get for funding?” Corgan said that this part is the “stress point.” He said that it’s one thing to fund the company and it’s another to set the company up to be successful and he wants it to be solvent and consistent for the future.

“I don’t want to make a shitty deal,” Corgan said. He said that he wanted to make a deal that can help put him in the position to build an empire.


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