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Billy Corgan and Anthem reach settlement agreement

Billy Corgan announced on his Twitter account that he has settled his legal issues with Anthem Sports & Entertainment regarding the $1.8 million he loaned to Dixie Carter to fund Impact Wrestling TV tapings. TNA was supposed to repay Corgan on November 1st but there was a delay on his repayment.

There’s no word on if Corgan got the 50% transfer fee that would have been due to him if Anthem officially took over majority ownership of TNA. He did not that he would be doing interviews next week so we may find out more details at that time.

Corgan posted the following on Twitter:

Corgan’s full statement: “Just signed my settlement with TNA/ANTHEM. And to fill in the blanks I’ll do a few interviews next week to spell out what is/isn’t in it But once again I appreciate those who’ve covered the story with balance. For the true story on TNA involves a lot of men and women I respect and appreciate (both roster and crew), and they deserve the best.”

There were several wrestlers that were privately in Corgan’s corner during the whole legal battle and Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis were among the names that were public with their support of Corgan.


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