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Billy Corgan on The Final Deletion Match, TNA being an alternative to WWE, more

TNA President Billy Corgan recently spoke with about Impact Wrestling. During the interview, Corgan was asked about The Final Deletion Match with The Hardy Boyz as well as the Delete Or Decay Match. Corgan explained that he has been pushing to do out-of-the-box segments since he came to TNA.

“I have been pushing from the beginning that we needed to do what I call out-of-the-box and out-of-the-arena type segments,” Corgan said. “I really saw this as the future of wrestling on television. So maybe like super hero movies, we get the Hardys as the center of the universe and start to use them to sort of branch off in other directions,” Corgan said. “We are making it up as we go along and that is sort of the fun part. It’s really exciting because we are hopefully writing a sort of new golden dawn in terms of how wrestling can be presented on television, and I think that’s fantastic.”

One week after TNA did The Final Deletion match, WWE did a similar angle with The Wyatt Family and The New Day on RAW. Corgan didn’t take offense to WWE copying off the idea.

“You know, imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” Corgan said. “Look, everybody copies everybody, whether they want to admit it or not. I don’t think that’s a critical issue. I think innovation is the critical issue. The business in general is still living off the fumes of what was the creative revolution of ‘The Attitude Era’ of WWE, and by some extension ECW. No one has innovated as much since.”

Corgan wants TNA to be different and unique and believes that going outside the box with ideas will make TNA an alternative to WWE.

“I think when you are dealing with something that is on the edge, at some point it needs to come in from out of the cold,” Corgan said. “You cannot maintain your rebel status forever. I have a vision of how this can be done differently and new and fresh, but if you build something that cannot mainstream, you can’t succeed at the highest levels.”

Corgan also talked about CM Punk and more. You can read the entire interview here.


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