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Billy Corgan says he is hoping to buy TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

TNA President Billy Corgan was on Facebook Live on Friday afternoon to give an update on his status with TNA Wrestling. Corgan started out by plugging the Delete Or Declay segment featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy and The Decay. He credit to The Hardys and Jeremy Borash for their work on the segment.

Corgan said that TNA's business has been very complicated over the years and it's been a challenge to sort through some of it. He confirmed that he is running the creative end of the company and his goal is to make the company better and successful. Corgan oversees Madison Rayne, Matt Conway, Dave Lagana and John Gaburick.

Corgan confirmed that he is actively engaged in discussions to buy the company. He said, "I'm not saying I will buy the company. I'm saying that I'm trying to buy the company." He said that he hopes to pull it off and hopes to run the culture of the company and he hopes to run it from top to bottom.

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The belief is that Aroluxe and Corgan have stakes in the company. It's not known how much stake they each have but If Corgan, Dixie Carter and Aroluxe all have stakes in the company then I can see how the buying process can be complicated. It's believed that Dixie Carter is out of power in TNA and, as previously noted, she did not stay for the duration of the last set of tapings.

You can watch Corgan's Facebook Live session below: