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Billy Corgan wants to see CM Punk return to pro wrestling, comments on TNA’s mistakes

TNA President Billy Corgan recently spoke with about the company. During the interview, Corgan was asked about former WWE Superstar and current UFC star CM Punk. After being with WWE for several years, Punk left the company in early 2014. Corgan stated that if Punk were interested in coming back to pro wrestling, he would love to talk to him.

“I hope that someone who is so gifted comes back to professional wrestling if he wants to be there. “So of course I would just love to see him in a ring. If it’s our ring, even better. Even if he just wanted to be involved, I would love to have that conversation with him.”

Corgan wants to change the identity of TNA and is starting to do that with the new era in the promotion by bringing in younger stars and elevating them.

“The ultimate success in business is really carving out a singular identity so that when people think of that identity, even if they don’t like it, they see that as your own,” Corgan said. “I think that is infinitely more valuable than, ‘Yeah, I like them too.’ I never wanted to be in a band where people said, ‘Yeah, I like them too.’ You are either going to love us or hate us, but being in between is just not interesting to me.”

As seen in the past, TNA has brought in a ton of former WWE Superstars to help boost the company. Corgan believes that TNA made a mistake by bringing in those talents just to get buzz that didn’t sustain over time.

“Many times in the past, TNA has made the mistake of bringing in WWE people to sort of create a buzz that didn’t sustain,” Corgan said. “But success is building a culture that is distinctly your own, with your own identifiable signature. If everything you do doesn’t feed into that, you are making a big mistake that history shows does not work.”

Corgan also talked about the Final Deletion Match and more. You can read the entire interview here.


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