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Bobby Roode explains why he asked for his release from TNA

As noted, former TNA champions Bobby Roode and Eric Young requested to be released from their TNA contracts. The two wrestlers are now free agents.

Roode spoke with the Peterborough Examiner about his departure from TNA.

“It felt like it was the right time,” Roode said, Sunday night. “After almost 13 years in a wrestling company I felt like there was nothing really left for me to do there. I wanted to mutually part ways. I have nothing negative to say about TNA Wrestling. They treated me very, very well. It was just a matter of me being in a part of my life where I'm not sure TNA was the right fit for me anymore. The brand has been stale for the last little while and the growth wasn't there as it was in the early years. I'm a free agent so I can do anything I want as far as wrestling goes."

There are rumors that Roode and Young may be WWE-bound.

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