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Booker T says he told AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Bobby Roode they were wasting their time in TNA

On this week’s edition of “The Hall of Fame,” Booker T talked about potentially becoming an agent or producer for the WWE, what he said to TNA stars when he joined the company, and why he ultimately left TNA.

Booker T was asked if he would have an interest in being an agent or a producer for WWE:

“I would never, ever, be an agent or a producer. For me, that job is something that I would have to have a whole lot of freedom to be able to actually do it the way I wanted to do it, and for me, producing young talent is a passion,” Booker said.

“I try to give these guys enough rope to go out there and either be successful or hang themselves, one of the two.”

“But having that job in WWE, honestly, it’s a lot of micromanaging. It’s a lot of moving parts as far as that machine goes. It is sports entertainment.”

“I mean, that is true when you talk about WWE. You hear about for instance, AEW and their writing staff, and then you hear about WWE and their writing staff, and one is pretty much a school project, and one is like being in Hollywood. Seriously. I’m not putting anything down, maybe less is more, but in WWE, it is a production, and everybody has to know what everybody is doing. And for me, man, that would get crazy.”

Booker T said when he was in TNA, he advised Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles to leave as soon as their contracts were up:

“When I first got to TNA, Roode, Joe, and AJ, they will tell you, I said, ‘Hey man, you guys need to get the hell out of here. Quick.’ I’m serious. I said, ‘You’re wasting your time,’ he shared.

“I told Roode, ‘Man, cut that damn mullet and get out of here as soon as your contract is up’. I’m serious. That’s what my advice to these guys was because I thought when I got there, I was gonna make a difference in the trajectory of these guys and because I wanted to make them stars. I wanted to do stuff with them to make them bigger. I really wasn’t worried about myself at all. But when that didn’t happen, I was like, man, you guys. I knew I was gonna be getting out as soon as my contract was up, so I was telling those guys, ‘Man you all need to think about your careers.'”

Booker on why he left TNA after his two year contract was up:

“No shade or anything like that. When I went to TNA, I signed a two year deal,” Booker said.

“I thought I would be at TNA for at least five. At the end of my two years, I was like, I got to get the hell out of here, man. I don’t want to finish my career like this.”

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