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Bound For Glory results: Moose vs. EC3 in a bloody cinematic match

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

EC3 and Moose faced each other in an undisclosed location at Impact Wrestling's Bound For Glory.

This match started with Moose arriving at a building and EC3 was shown in a dark fight club setting beating up unamed guys in a ring. EC3 said earlier this week that WWE took his idea and turned it into Lucha Underground.

Moose walked into the building and he walked past some people that were kind of dressed like WWE's Retribution stable. The match started in the dark ring with punches and a Rock Bottom for Moose. A few minutes into the match, EC3 was busted open and he had blood all over his forehead and face.

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At one point, EC3 grabbed the TNA Title and said that Moose did not deserve that title. he put over the prestige of the title and the major names that held it at one time. Late in the match, EC3 yelled "yes!" when Moose asked if the TNA title is what he wants. EC3 was knocked to his knees and then told Moose to control his narrative. Moose then knocked him out with the TNA Title.

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