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Bram: “If TNA ever went out of business it would be the worst thing for pro wrestling”

TNA star Bram recently spoke with Royal Rumblings to promote TNA’s upcoming U.K tour about TNA’s upcoming tour of the U.K in January and fans thinking TNA will go out of business. Here are the highlights. 

You’ve travelled the world but are in Britain for some appearances and will be back with TNA in January – are you enjoying yourself?

It’s always great to be back here. I’m even thinking about coming back here full time to be honest! There’s so much wrestling here, you can spend all and every weekend wrestling whereas back in the States, there’s not that much going on. I’ve spent all my life trying to get out of England but now it seems like the scene is here!

Is this because TNA has been subjected to, perhaps unfair, internet criticism?

I don’t think TNA’s in any trouble. There’s always rumours but TNA isn’t going anywhere. They just won’t and I think if they ever did it would be the worst thing for professional wrestling because there has to be an alternative. There has to be a place where the boys and girls can work. So it would be absolutely terrible but they’re not going away.

You can read the entire interview here.

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