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Bram re-signs with TNA FOUR times in one year?

Yesterday, it was announced that Bram had re-signed with TNA Wrestling. That's interesting because it was noted last year (in May) that Bram had signed a multi-year deal with TNA. Some may see yesterday's announcements as their way to try to show fans that things are fine with TNA. I have no idea what is going on with TNA other than the reports about their cancellation from Destination America.

I can definitely see how someone would be skeptical of these recent announcements especially Bram's re-signing since he was said to have signed a multi-year deal last year and then it was announced in March that he signed a new deal and then there's yesterday's re-signing. Oh, and it looks like he was also re-signed in January.

Check out the tweets below.

Bryan Alvarez sent out this tweet in response to TNA's Bob Ryder:

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