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Chelsea Green on why she would like to reform VXT with Deonna Purrazzo, Playboy plans, what its like to work for GCW, more

VXT Chelsea Green Deonna Purrazzo

In a exclusive, Chelsea Green spoke with Samira K. to talk about her WWE run, her future in wrestling, possibly working with Playboy, AEW, wedding planning, Thanksgiving food, Black Friday, Mickie James, Deonna Purrazzo, working in GCW, her podcast and more.

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Green explained what it was like to shoot the cover for Fitness Girls magazine: "Oh my gosh, I had such a good experience because I flew out to Los Angeles to shoot it," Green said. "And I did it in kind of like Universal Studios area. And it was just such a positive experience. And it's nice to do something outside of wrestling. You know, when when we kind of get into wrestling, when we start training. Our focus is so narrow, it's like straight and narrow. We hit the ground running and and all we want to do is be a wrestler. And so I just haven't slowed down in the past seven years. And finally now after being released, I'm able to kind of do these things that I wouldn't have done before because I was so set on on my one goal. So it's been really awesome."

Green said that there Maxim and FHM reached out to her about shooting for them. She said, "I actually just had someone reach out to me who shoots with like Maxim and FHM and stuff. So that would be really cool. But, you know, I right now I'm not so focused on that. I feel like that's an awesome thing that just kind of comes when the time is right. And I'm just trying to focus on other things outside of wrestling and outside of... I guess I could say outside of modeling, but I'm absolutely not a model. I'm like a glorified Instagram bikini model. So I'm just trying to focus on things outside of that."

Green has said on her podcast that she wants to work for Playboy. She talked about being excited about that possibility: "I mean, Playboy has been something that I have kind of wanted to do in some capacity, I didn't know what I wanted, I didn't know if it was that I wanted to model [or] that I wanted to be a part of behind the scenes [or] if I wanted to be a part of the digital side. I don't know but it seems as if we're going in the direction of being a part of the digital side of the Playboy team and that is so awesome to me because that's just like I get to kind of like dip my toes in the water and see if I like it and hopefully I do have some exciting news coming but I don't know when I'm able to share it I will be in some form joining a part of kind of like the Playboy family and I I'm so excited to share it. I wish I could tell you all about it right now."

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On what it's like to work for GCW, Green said, "It seriously is a whole different world at GCW and I think that's why I love it because you know I came up on the indies so now to be able to go back to the indies and to go back to such a --- I mean these fans are unlike any other fans. They are so passionate about GCW so that's what I love about it. You know whether they love me or hate me, at the end of the day, I'm there [and] I'm getting booked and I am having the time of my life right now and I'm so lucky to be a part of this crazy GCW family and fandom and fan base and whatever you want to call it."

Green said she would love to face Charlie Evans in GCW."I would love to face Charlie Evans, love, love, love to face Charlie Evans, that is someone who I have faced in the past, but as a female tag team, so a little mixed match could be in the cards, that would be great. I mean, really, we have to get through Effy and Alleycat first to kind of prove that we deserve what we know we already deserved, if that makes sense."

On a possible Cardonas vs. Kirks match, Green said, "I met the Kirks for the first time last month or the month before, and I love them. But I would love to get in the ring and have some sort of kind of hardcore match with them as a mixed tag team. Because they really are a hardcore couple. I'm not I'm not taking anything away from that couple. They are so badass, and Matt and I are slowly diving into this world. And I think that would be an awesome matchup for the fans to see."

Green on the possibility of the Hot Mess facing Mickie James: "Oh, absolutely. Like, absolutely. Never say never. Because Mickie and I any we, we want it. We absolutely want it. And I think you guys all got a glimpse of that, you know, in April of this year. I think at some point, we will do whatever it takes to get that matchup."

Green was asked about the possibility of VXT (Green and Deonna Purrazzo) getting back together to take down Mickie James: "I mean, I would love that. Really, I definitely think that Deonna and I have some unfinished business together as a team, we never were able to explore that as much as we wished we could have. So that absolutely is going to happen in some form or fashion. Whether it's in impact or not, I don't know. Because now the world is our oyster with the independent scene so you know, it's booming right now. So maybe you'll see it at Warrior Wrestling. Maybe you'll see it at GCW. Maybe you'll see it at Impact or NWA. Who knows. But Deanna and I are gonna go down fighting for that tag team to happen."

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