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Chelsea Green shares a crazy story about a drunk man who fell asleep in her hotel bed

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

In a exclusive, Chelsea Green spoke with Samira K. to talk about her WWE run, her future in wrestling, possibly working with Playboy, AEW, wedding planning, Thanksgiving food, Black Friday, Mickie James, Deonna Purrazzo, working in GCW, her podcast and more.

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On is she has future "dream guests" she would like to have on her podcast: "No, because I haven't had any guests except Deanna. So it's like, the literally if I was to pick a dream guest, there's like so many, right, because I haven't had any guests on. But I would love to be on other people's podcasts. And I don't care about people can be on mine, because mine is like embarrassing stories and stuff. And like, I really have to, if I have a guest on, I need them to be so transparent, and I need them to be willing to share things that a lot of people just aren't willing to share. And I understand that so no, I don't really have like any dream guests. But maybe Alex Cooper from "Call Her Daddy." Maybe that would be the one because you know, she's willing to share all of it."

Green talks about the openess on her podcast and the goals for Green With Envy: "Thank you, you know, it's kind of you love it or you hate it. And I'm okay with that. And and I just hope to eventually pull people in from other fan bases, instead of it just being just the wrestling world. I am trying to attract kind of everyone and females, you know, around our age group. So we'll see."

Green says she is just like everyone else in her private life: "I am a very, very normal human being that does normal things. I get my groceries at Walmart like everybody else. You know what I mean? What I portray on social media is not at all what I'm really like."

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On why she hasn't been active with her YouTube channel: "So the only reason why I haven't continued with my YouTube channel is because I had some issues with my phone where everything got shut down... my Instagram, my Facebook, my Twitter, my YouTube and YouTube. YouTube and Tiktok are the only two things that I was not able to recover. So I probably will not be getting back into YouTube just because I don't want to start all over again, and try to build that platform. But you never know. Never say never. I could get YouTube back somehow. Maybe someone will listen to this and help me. Who knows. But at this point, it's a lot of work to edit and stuff. I mean, you know, I was late to talk to you here like, my world is just too busy right now. But who knows, maybe in a month that won't be."

Green was asked if she has any crazy stories from the road: "There was one time that I was in a hotel room with a couple of girls, and we were sleeping and we did not realize that it was in Wisconsin. We did not realize that our hotel door did not lock when you shut it. It didn't automatically lock and a drunk man walked in and got into bed with us and fell asleep. It was the funniest thing. It was almost like a drunk golfer because he was wearing like a golfing, like long sleeve shirt, but just boxers on the bottom and he was very drunk and he just got into bed. And he fell asleep. And then when we woke him up to tell him like, bro, this is not your room. He started getting mad at us for being in his room. Like that could have it absolutely could have been, like terrifying and stuff like that. But like he was very much just like a drunk like 35 year old and had no idea what was going on. But yeah, there's been some crazy sh*t happen in my life."

Green talks about Thanksgiving and her favorite food to make: "So one thing that I always make and enjoy is, is mashed yam sweet potatoes, whatever you call it with marshmallows on top. That's my favorite. And everyone always loves it. And someone at the table is always surprised by it. Like I thought that everyone does sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top but it turns out they do not. So it's always like a fun little surprise to see who is like, Oh my God, I've never seen this before. And it's the best thing ever. " Green continued, "I love it all so I don't discriminate against any Thanksgiving food. But that's like my go-to. I could just eat it for the rest of the week."

Green has never done Black Friday shopping and has no plans to: "We do now have [Black Friday] in Canada. But growing up, we did not have Black Friday in Canada, it is just kind of like trickled into Canada from America like the past 10 years or so. So I don't really get into it the way people do. And I've never in my life, like waited at a store for a Black Friday sale. I also just think now everything's online. So it's kind of crazy to try to wait at a store where you could probably like wait online and like click a button over and over to get your Xbox or whatever. I don't know there's nothing I need in my life that I need to like wait for and be there right when it drops." Green added, "I don't want to get trampled. Because that's what I hear about when I hear it. When I think about that, when I hear Black Friday I think of people getting trampled and it terrifies me...No, you will not see me on Black Friday out and about I will be in my house with the doors locked.

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