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Chris Bey shares the memorable moment that made him want to become a wrestler

On this week's "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Chris Bey talked about when he knew he wanted to be a wrestler, working with WWE as an extra, and on his future wrestling goals.

Chris Bey talking about when he wanted to be a wrestler:

“I was around 8 when I knew I wanted to be a wrestler. It was when Eddie Guerrero won the title from Brock Lesnar," he said.

"We couldn’t afford cable, so we were watching a lot of DVDs. The first one I got was ‘Cheating Death, Stealing Life’, and I watched that every day. People in my life, a lot of them have had addiction problems. When I saw what Eddie had overcome, he got his family back and made it to the top of the mountain when people thought he couldn’t. Watching the people in the building when he won that title, man, I couldn’t imagine how it was going to play out. Just that story, this is what I want to do, make people feel how this made me feel.”

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On working in WWE as an extra:

“I did some extra work for WWE about a year in. I’m not on screen for this one, but I did a 3-day loop and got to work a match in front of talent. I worked with a local wrestler named Nino Black. Me and him had just lost our tag titles at the time, so we were like, if we are going to get contracts, then we are going to have to wrestle each other here at The Staples Center.”

On his future goals in wrestling:

“To keep shocking the world with everything that Bullet Club is doing. Bullet Club is something that people want to say is watered down, no, you ain’t seen nothing yet," Bey adamantly said.

"The Big LG, Karl Anderson, me, Juice Robinson, we are only getting bigger.”