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Chris Jericho may have saved Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is a much better product than it was a year ago or even a few months ago and the management hires made earlier this year may have saved the company.

Don Callis was brought in to run the company by Anthem Sports & Entertainment CEO Leonard Asper. The reason why Callis was brought in was because Chris Jericho made the suggestion to Asper during a conversation.

Basically, Asper told Jericho about how the company lost so much money and all of its problems with the old regime. Jericho said that the company was run by snakes and those type of people will only rip him off. He told Asper that he should hire Callis to run the company or shut it down.

Well, thankfully, they have been able to cut down on costs and the show has improved. The Slammiverary pay-per-view was their most buzzworthy show in many years. Now the question is whether they can continue building on that buzz so they can sell tickets to live events and build their television ratings so they can hopefully get a paying TV deal.

Jericho recently hinted on social media that he would be open to doing something with Impact in the future. We’ll see if that happens or if Vince McMahon counters with a nice money offer for him to return to WWE.

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